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Ignoring incoming calls on an analog telephone interface

One feature we've gotten used to, thanks to cell phones, is the ability to ignore an incoming call. This feature has been duplicated in VoIP telephone system where pressing the "end" key will effectively end the incoming call before it's answered and stop the phone from ringing. Analog lines do not have that feature but with a small modification to your Audia/Nexia configuration we can duplicate that functionality. 


  • To add this feature, we will need a Mute Control block, a NOT Gate and a Remote Preset block. Wire these blocks to the Receive block as shown below:

Ignore a call.GIF

  • Create a preset to un-mute the Mute Control block that we just added.
  • Assign this new preset to the Remote Preset block.

Ignoring a call

To ignore an incoming call, simply mute the Mute Control block.  The Mute Control block can be controlled via Audia/Nexia software, a DaVinci control surface, or a third party controller like Crestron or AMX. When a call comes in, muting the signal will make the phone stop ringing. Once the caller hangs up, the preset will automatically unmute the Mute Control block, making it ready to receive another call.

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