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Triggering a Hook Flash from the iOS Dialer app

In the Dialer app for iOS devices, there's no provision for a Hook Flash button. The reason for this is that the app supports both analog (POTS) and VoIP lines. Since Hook Flash is a feature only available in analog lines, it didn't make much sense to have a Hook Flash button in the dialer. However, with a little bit of logic and presets, we can still perform a hook flash on analog telephone interfaces.

Configuration changes

  • Add a Logic State, a Logic Delay and a Remote Preset Button to your configuration file. Wire them to the Dialer block as shown below.
  • Program one Preset to turn the Logic State on (this preset will initiate a Hook Flash).
  • Program a second Preset to turn the Logic State off (this will reset the Logic State).
  • Assign the second preset (reset Logic State) to the Remote Preset Button.
  • Double click on the Logic Delay block and set the On Delay to 150ms.

Hook Flash from iPad.GIF

  • Load the file into your system.

Dialer app changes

In the Dialer app, add the control to recall the preset that turns on the Logic State (initiate Hook Flash). For more info on how to add preset control in the Dialer app check the Dialer app for iOS devices article.

Initiating a Hook Flash

To initiate a Hook Flash from the Dialer app, simple recall the preset we just added from the app.

Further reading

If the Hook Flash doesn't seem to work, check the How to change the Hook Flash duration on an analog telephone interface article.

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