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Weekly scheduler function with NEB Expansion Board



The weekly scheduler works with the following controllers that have NEB ports: Echo, Echo Plus, Sierra II, Tango, Alfa II.

310-0110 NEB Port Expansion - EU - Front.jpg310-0110 NEB Port Expansion - EU - Backside.jpg





Adding the Expansion Bus

In Project Designer, add the "NEB (Neets Expansion Bus) > Neets > NEB expansion board" to get the real time clock and the battery function, which is on the Port Expansion.

Start by adding the NEB expansion board to your controller in the Systems page.



Creating Events

Once the NEB has been added, go to the Feedback section. You can now create up to 20 events on a specific time of day and week in the scheduler and make these events do i.e. a "Press button" function. You can choose to press a physical keypad button or you can choose to press a button in the graphical user interface, e.g. on a SieRRa II.



Top tip: If you want to create an action which is not something you have on an existing button, you can create a hidden page (A page with no "Jump page" function) and execute whatever you like on this particular button.