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IR Learning

There are two means of getting the IR commands into Device Editor. The first is to connect the ACC-C-IRL - IR Learner to the USB port of your computer, the other is to take one of our controllers which have a built in IR learner (Sierra II, Tango, Alfa II) and connect them via USB!

All you need to do is to choose the correct COM port and you are ready to proceed.


When you want to learn the IR codes, click on the button with the remote control icon, to the right of the command field.



A new window opens, and from here you can learn IR codes from the remote control. You can choose to automatically start the IR learning when the window opens, or to do it manually.




The remote control should point directly towards the IR learning eye and keep a distance of approximately 3-7 cm from the IR learning eye on the ACC-C-IRL IR Learner. You should avoid to move the remote control while pressing the button to learn.


You will most likely see that if you learn the same IR code more than one time, the result may change from time to time. This is not to be misinterpret as the IR code is learned incorrectly, but only as an indication that the transmission from the remote control can vary from time to time.

The only way to verify that the IR code is learned correctly is to test the code on the control system.

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