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IR Learning - Settings

To learn IR codes you should use the Biamp Uni IR Learner (ACC-C-IRL) or a control system with built-in IR learner.


Before learning any IR codes, you must choose whether to use intelligent recording or direct recording, and specify the COM-port to use.


Intelligent recording: This recording mode gives you the advantage that the system analyzes the IR codes and only stores the IR codes once, even if the button on the remote control is pressed for several seconds. Using this mode is recommended to keep the length of the IR codes short and to obtain a better control of the device.
Direct recording: If you want to record and retransmit the IR codes exactly as recorded from the remote control (length and content), you should choose this mode. It is mostly used when powering on e.g. a plasma screen where you have to "Press" the power button for 3 seconds.

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