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Biamp Cornerstone

Biamp Central Control protocol

This document will help you integrate the Biamp Control Systems into your own management

The specification mentioned in this document can change without further notice.

How does it work?

Whenever there is a change in the way the LED behave a UDP broadcast is send to port 8001.
The message send out gives you the possibility to have the current state of each control system.
As seen in the description of the data send, it always contains the serial number of the control
system sending the message. The message send from a control system will never span over
multiple frames.

If broadcasting is not an option, it is possible to poll the control system for its actual status
using a TCP connection. The connection should be to port 5009 and you have the following

  • Make a key press action.
  • Make a key down action.
  • Make a key up action.
  • Get the actual status of the control system.
  • Set the lamp and filter hours warning levels and the current timers, if not collected from
  • the projector.


Biamp Central Control protocol  1.png

Biamp Central Control protocol 2.png

KeyboardInfo block structure.
Each Keyboard has the following structure

Biamp Central Control protocol 3.png

LED block structure.
Each LED block has the following structure:

Biamp Central Control protocol 4.png

Timer structure.
Each timer has the following structure

Biamp Central Control protocol 5.png

Examples of commands in ASCII and HEX

Biamp Central Control protocol 6.png

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