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QSC Drivers using External Control Protocol

The attached driver example is created to control a QSC mixer using the External Control Protocol (ECP) using TCP communication over port 1702.

We are not able to make a generic driver as the protocol is built, so that the naming scheme is part of the control commands, meaning that all configurations are unique. Hence this driver is only meant to serve as an example for you to build upon, when you configure your own system.

The controls created in the driver only match the Gain and Mute created in the below example videos.


  1. Create your own controls in QSC-Designer and name them.
  2. Modify the driver to match your controls (both commands and feedback).
  3. Add the QSC driver to your project and modify the LAN settings to point at the IP address of your QSC device.
  4. Upload the project to your control system and test the integration.. 

The attached driver is following the syntax of these examples:


NOTE: No login information is added to this driver, but this can be added as well. See video part C for more details regarding login.

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