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Turn a device on from a Biamp Control System (Wake-on-LAN)

If you need to turn on i.e. a PC or projector from the control system, you can use this function. E.g. you have a classroom where you need to show a presentation. With one button press, you can turn on the projector, the amplifier for sound, roll down a screen and turn on the PC from where to run the presentation.


  • You must use a Biamp Control system that can control a LAN device.
  • A device that support WOL using “magic packet”.

How-to Wake On LAN (WOL)

  1. Make a new device in the Device Editor.
  2. In the LAN section choose UDP as protocol and select a UDP port to broadcast on.
  3. Make sure that HEX input mode is selected.
  4. In the Power on sequence enter the following: FF FF FF FF FF FF, followed by the MAC address (on the network adapter of the PC you want to wake up), repeated 16 times. This equals 102 bytes, and is called a “magic packet”. The command should look something like “FF FF FF FF FF FF AA BB CC DD EE FF AA BB CC DD EE FF AA …”
  5. Create a new project and attach the created device to the LAN port on the control system.
  6. Now setup the LAN connection on you device, the selected IP address must be and the port number must be set to 7
  7. On the button where you want to turn the PC on attach the On sequence you made in the device.
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