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How to fix Apprimo Touch 10 phantom presses


If you are experiencing phantom button presses on your Apprimo Touch 10 panel, this article provides instructions for how to install the software fix on your panel.


Step 1: Gather your materials

Retrieve the OTG (On The Go) adapter and Ejector Pin that came with your Apprimo Touch 10 panel, and a USB stick to load the file onto.

OTG adapter and Ejector Pin.jpg


Step 2: Download the required file

Download the Phantom Touch fix file and place it onto the USB stick.

V83 touch-two points touch-20240102.apk


Step 3: Press the setup pin

Remove the panel from the wall if already mounted, then use the Ejector Pin to press the setup button on the bottom edge of the panel near the center. 

Apprimo Touch 10 Setup Button.jpg


Step 4: Find application settings

Scroll down to "System" and press "Application Settings".

Apprimo Touch 10 Applications Settings.png


Step 5: Navigate to the device desktop

Under the "Device" section, press "Home", then press "Launcher", then press the Home icon at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the native Android desktop.

Apprimo Touch 10 Home Launcher.png


Step 6: Find the Android apps menu

From the Android desktop, press the icon that looks like a circle with six dots inside it to pull up the Android apps menu.

Apprimo Touch 10 Android Desktop.png


Step 7: Use File Manager

Press "File Manager".

Apprimo Touch 10 File Manager.png


Step 8: Insert the loaded USB drive

Insert the USB containing the update file using the OTG adapter referenced earlier.

Insert USB with OTG Adapter.jpg


Step 9: Select the USB symbol in File manager

Press the tab across the top with the USB icon.

Apprimo Touch 10 USB Tab.png


Step 10: Install the Fix file from your USB drive

Using the Android file explorer, navigate to the update file on the USB stick and select it. This will automatically begin the installation process. When complete, you will see a screen that says "This is the latest version of touch parameters".

Apprimo Touch 10 USB Files.png


Step 11: exit File Manager

Press the Home icon to return to the Android desktop.


Step 12: Select the Android apps screen one more time

Press the icon that looks like a circle with six dots in it.

Apprimo Touch 10 Android Desktop.png


Step 13: Re-start Biamp control

Press the Settings icon. Then under Device, select Home, and reselect Biamp Control as the Home application. Reboot the panel.

Apprimo Touch 10 Home Launcher.png

This concludes the fix procedure.

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