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No feedback coming from devices, control system is not asking

If you experience that the Impera Control System is not asking for feedback, but you have implemented it, then it is probably because it is not connected to all LAN devices yet. The system will only start polling for feedback when it is successfully connected to all LAN devices. Check Live Monitoring where an overview is available. It shows which devices are connected and which ones aren't.


Q: "How do I insert a delay in a startup procedure?",

A: "When you have a bunch of AV devices as part of a system, and they need to be started up in a certain sequence, you might need to add a delay somewhere to prevent it from starting, before the other components are ready.
In order to better understand how the Impera system works, it is key that you understand sequences.
[LINK]Read more about sequences here.[LINK]

When inserting delays in a sequence, it is important to understand that commands sent to multiple devices, then all the commands are not performed sequentially within the sequence.
Below is an example where a single button press (i.e. Power On), is controlling multiple projectors, then the commands are sent to the 3 projectors nearly simultaneous.

The way it works is that each device has it\'s own buffer. So if you are powering on 3x RS232 connected projectors from the same button, then the commands go to each device buffer, at the same time and is being sent as fast as the processor can send it out.
If you wish to add a delay, you need to add it within each device sequence, like the example shown below. The first projector will power on, 5 seconds after pressing the button, the next one 10 seconds after pressing the button and the last one, 15 seconds.

DelayStartup" )

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