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NPX Firmware Release Notes

Firmware can be downloaded on or by clicking on the link under the current release.



Released February 2024

Firmware Download: Click here

New Features: 

  • Added NPX Button Mode for G1100 and H1100 when used with Qt X (2.3.0). Allows each of the 10 NPX numbered buttons to be assigned a page code which can be selected with a single button push.
  • NPX paging stations will now differentiate between “some destinations busy” and (all) “destinations busy” when zones are unavailable.
  • NPX paging stations within Qt X (2.3.0) systems will allow page to proceed to available zones when in “some destinations busy” state.




Released August 2023 

New Features

  • Added direct support of NPX Paging Stations within Qt X Sound Masking systems for convenience paging.
    • Qt X system must be running 2.2.0 firmware and Qt X software or newer.

Resolved NPX Firmware Issues 

  • Resolved issue that could cause repeated network disconnects.
  • Resolved issue that could cause Dante flows to not connect automatically.
  • Resolved issue that could cause the NPX display to become unresponsive.
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