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Qt X Firmware update procedure

This article describes the typical firmware update process for Qt X controllers.

Note: For the December 2021 initial release of Qt X, firmware updates could only be carried out using a controller device's web interface. The August 2022 full release added the ability for using QT X system management software to update firmware. 


Download the firmware file

Download the current Qt X .qfa firmware file here.

  • Note the location the file is dowloaded to. For most Windows PCs, this will be the Downloads folder.


Updates using the Qt X controller web interface

Updates using the web interface only apply to the individual controller currently accessed. These are not system-wide changes.

The controller's IP address or hostname will be visible in the address bar of the browser used to access the connected controller.

  • Controller default hostnames start with the model name and are followed by the device's eight-digit serial number.
  • For example, qtx300-01234567.

The controller and computer must be on the same network subnet to connect and use the controller's web interface.


Updating firmware over a WiFi connection or a remote internet connection is not recommended.

1. Enter the IP address or hostname of the controller in the browser's address bar.

  • If the controller has not been configured, the browser will open the Configure System page.
  • If the controller has been configured, the browser will open the System Settings page.

Qt X web interface - System Settings

2. Select Update Firmware in the navigation pane.

Qt X web inteface - Update Firmware.png

3. Click Choose File, browse to the downloaded .qfa update file, and select the file.

  • The web interface will validate the file, confirming it is a valid Qt X firmware file

4. After the validation check has completed, click Update

  • A progress bar will indicate the update is in progress.
  • Typical firmware updates take 1 - 2 minutes to complete.
  • Do not remove power or interrupt network connectivity during the update.

Reboot: A notification will appear at the end of the update. The controller will then reboot. Audio outputs from the controller will temporarily stop while rebooting.

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