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ArmoníaPlus - Software Setup for New ALC Users


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Biamp’s line of Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (ALC) offers factory-optimized FIR processing, protective limiting, and robust amplification for virtually any application using the family of Biamp loudspeakers. The three models, the ALC-404D/AN, AN ALC-1604D/AN, and ALC-3202D/AN,  are programmed, controlled, and monitored via the ArmoníaPlus® system manager software.

This article will walk you through the steps required for first-time users including, downloading and installing ArmoníaPlus®, creating a "My Powersoft" account, and accessing the ALC amplifier models and the loudspeaker preset library. We'll then go over the correct network settings for initial device discovery as well as which "project type" to use when programming an ALC. 



Download and Install ArmoníaPlus® 

ArmoníaPlus® system manager software is available from the ALC product landing page: Amplified Loudspeaker Controllers (, it's also available directly from Once the software is installed, you will be prompted at start up to update the software version if a newer release is available. The current version (as of December 2023) is 2.6.3 rev.115. 

Once you have ArmoníaPlus® installed you will need to create a "MyPowersoft” account (with Powersoft) so you can access the firmware updates, loudspeaker preset library, and the amplifier profiles from the “Marketplace” within the software.

Here is a direct link: You can also register for a new account within the software after startup. 

A+2023_2.6.3.PNG A+_MyPS.png



The Marketplace options

In ArmoníaPlus® navigate to the "A+" at the top left-hand corner of the program to access the drop-down menu. Two-thirds of the way down you will see the More > tab. Select the More > "Marketplace" option. When selected, this opens a new window. At the top of the window is a search bar.  Type "Biamp" in the search bar and the Marketplace will search for all Biamp-related downloads. This will allow you to install all of the ALC models (404D, 404AN, 1604D, 1604AN, 3202D, 3202AN) as well as the Biamp Speaker's Presets Library. 

Note: ArmoníaPlus® will not recognize the ALC amplifier models and they will not be discovered on the network as "ALC" models until they are downloaded and installed from the Marketplace.

After the installation is complete, you will now be able to add ALC amplifier models and Biamp loudspeakers to the Workspace in ArmoníaPlus®.

A+_Menu & Library.PNG



Network settings

IMPORTANT: Set your computer’s network to DHCP before connecting the ALC. Factory default network settings are DHCP/AutoIP.

Please confirm your network settings are active so you can to connect to the amplifiers on your network.

Navigate to the “Communication Manager” under the Preferences wheel and confirm that your network interfaces are toggled ‘ON” and active.

IP addressing of an ALC is established during the bootstrap: When the amplifier discovers a DHCP server on the network during the startup, it negotiates the networking parameters. If the ALC does not reveal a DHCP server on the network during the startup, it sets itself in AUTO IP mode.




Which project do I choose? 

When starting a new project in ArmoníaPlus® you will see two options; "New Project For Live Sound" and "New Project for Install Systems". The project for "Installed Systems" is for what Powersoft uses for their “Dynamic Music Distribution” which adds options and functionality specific to the Powersoft branded amplifier models. Some of these options allow the user to select, configure, route, and share analog and digital music sources between amplifiers within the software as well as setting up multiple source, zone, and level controls. These can then be managed using touch panels, wall controls, and mobile apps. While these features might seem appealing (and can be accomplished using a Biamp-Tesira based DSP) the majority of these features are not supported by the ALC model amplifiers. 

Even though Biamp focuses primarily on installed audio solutions, when starting a new project in ArmoníaPlus® always use the "New Project for Live Sound" 




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