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Biamp ALC-AN amplifier differences from the ALC-D models

The Biamp ALC-AN amplifier family was released in 2022 and replaces the ALC-"D" family of amplifiers.

ALC family

The ALC family consists of the ALC404AN, ALC-1604AN and the ALC-3202AN. The "AN" indicates these amplifiers are analog input only due to chip shortages. The power levels offered are identical to the "D" versions and the internal DSP remains the same. The only difference is the temporary loss of Dante digital transport.

Speaker tunings

Regardless of the library name (Biamp, Community) the speaker tunings will remain cross-compatible with AN and D ALC models.

Use Biamp ALC-D amplifier definitions to connect to older ALC-D models.

Use Biamp ALC-AN amplifier definitions to connect to older ALC-D models.

What has not changed

All current speaker DSP tunings are cross compatible with D and AN models.

The Armonia+ software functionality remains the same. The current version of the software can be downloaded from here.

Remember, you will need a My PS account to access the Marketplace, which is where you will need to download the speaker tunings library and ALC profiles.

What has changed?

The Armonia+ speaker preset / ALC library is now branded as Biamp. In the Armonia+ Marketplace, if you search for "Community" It will return the Biamp branded speaker library and Biamp branded ALC-D models which may be used with the Community branded ALC-D models.


If you search for Biamp in the Armonia+ Marketplace it will return the Biamp branded database and ALC AN and D models.


The speaker preset library, although displayed and downloaded as "Biamp" in the Marketplace will still show up as Community when selecting speakers tunings to load. 


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