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Updating firmware and software on Community ALC amplifiers

This article provides download links and installation instructions for the software and firmware needed to configure Community ALC amplified loudspeaker controllers.

Download the latest ALC software

You can find the latest ArmoníaPlus® software at this link. You must install this program with an active internet connection as there may be Microsoft .NET and / or C++ updates required. These updates automatically install during the A+ installation process if needed. 

Download ALC installation package

Installation of this package will help ensure you have the latest ALC firmware, Amplifier profiles and speaker library should you connect to an ALC in a location where you do not have internet access. You can download the installation package HERE.

This download contains the following components

  1. The latest speaker tunings library
  2. ALC firmware update executable file
  3. ALC404D/AN, 1604D/AN, 3202D/AN amplifier profiles

This package will receive updates as they are released or you may update thru the Armonia+ Marketplace from within the software.

Installation instructions

Please note, depending on your IT policies you may need administrator rights to complete the installation.

  1. Install the Armoniaplus-x.x.x.xx_setup.exe software setup with an internet connection as .NET or C++ may need
  2. With Armonia+ closed, run "Biamp ALC firmware bundle APlusx.x.x_setup.exe"
  3. Once installed, open the "ALC amplifier and Loudspeaker library", Armonia+ will open to complete this step.
  4. Click "Yes" to install the package. A confirmation will appear once complete.
  5. Close Armonia+ and re-open to complete the installation.


The Armonia+ software does not contain ALC profiles, firmware or the Biamp speaker library when downloaded from the Powersoft site.

If you directly download the software from the Powersoft site you must create a “My PS” account thru the Armonia+ Marketplace to download the ALC profiles and speaker presets.

If you connect to an ALC with outdated firmware (and have an internet connection) it will be downloaded thru the Armonia+ software. The firmware will then remain resident on that computer until superseded.  

An extensive Armonia+ help site is located HERE and a video tutorial library HERE.    

You may also contact or call (877) 242-6796 for further questions and support.

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