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Community IV6 Venue Polar GLL release notes

This article describes details of revisions to Community IV6 Venue Polar GLL files.


Released 5-4-2021

Supported speaker models: IV6-1122, IV6-118S
Software requirements: EASE® Focus 3 v3.1.14 or higher

New Features:

  • Rigging Calculator updates and enhancements including LAF-PBB as a dedicated Pull Back Bar on the bottom of an array
  • A Dual Hang option is available in the rigging calculator when using the LAF-PBB
  • An Optimize Filters Only option is included for arrays being transferred from EF3 to VenuePolar
  • Increased the quantity of elements that can be used in an array when a LAF-PBB is used
  • Increased the permitted number of ground stacked subs to 4
  • A BOM per array and per project for VenuePolar is now included in the EASE® Focus report


Released January 2021

Supported speaker models: IV6-1122, IV6-118S
Software requirements: EASE Focus 3 v3.1.12 or higher

New Features:

  • Calculate the number of IV6-1122 cabinets
  • Choose the type of cabinet, 5 or 15 degree vertical
  • Choose the splay between cabinets
  • Choose the rigging frame angle
  • Choose the filter/attenuator settings on each element
  • Suggest IV6-118S subwoofer quantities
  • Calculate the mechanical loads and safety factor
  • Alert for out of range/invalid rigging configurations
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