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Community IV6 array impedance calculator

The IV6 Array Impedance Calculator allows you to calculate the total array impedance of a Community IV6 array (up to 16 cabinets), and allows you to optimize impedance levels for your available amplifier channels. The calculator requires Microsoft Excel, and is intended to be used in conjunction with attenuation values provided by EASE Focus software. This article provides a download link and instructions on how to use the calculator.

IV6 impedance characteristics 

The IV6 impedance calculator calculates the array impedance based on the minimum impedance of the full range cabinet.

The IV6-1122 exhibits a nominal 16 ohm impedance. The minimum impedance is 13.1 ohms @ 190 Hz 

Using the calculator

  1. Download the Excel spreadsheet by clicking on this link.
  2. Open the spreadsheet and click the ‘Launch Calculator’ button. It will open in a new window. 
  3. Follow the instructions and choose the "Cabinet" attenuation values for each cabinet as described in your report from EASE Focus 3, and click the ‘Calculate’ button. 
  4. Repeat as necessary to calculate and/or optimize the impedance for each amp channel.

Each IV6-1122 has a 400w/80v RMS rating. 

Suggested amplification per element is 400W - 800W @ 16 ohms, (80V - 113V) equivalent to 1600W - 3200W @ 4 ohms

Biamp suggests using the ALC-1604D amplifier in bridged mono for up to 4 elements and the ALC-3202D in single channel mode for 5- 6 elements. 

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