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Resetting a Crowd Mics ATOM to factory default settings

This article explains the steps required to reset a Crowd Mics ATOM device to its factory default settings. A factory reset may be required as a last-resort measure to regain access to a unit:

  • In the occasion of a lost admin password  
  • To connect to a unit with an unknown network interface configuration




  1. Download the ATOM reset key file here.
  2. Save the file (cm-atom-soft rest.key) to a USB thumb drive
    • Note that NTFS formatting is not supported
  3. Reboot / power up the ATOM
  4. The ATOM has been reset when fully booted up
  5. Remove the USB drive


  • This resetting procedure requires Crowd Mics Firmware 2.3.14 or higher and is not supported in earlier versions.
  • The reset process will set the following preferences back to default:
    • Admin dashboard password
    • Network settings
    • Event list
    • ATOM settings


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