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Voltera A Amplifier firmware update tool

This tool updates the firmware of Voltera A Amplifiers and requires connecting the Amplifier USB port to a PC or laptop.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is only supported on Chrome or Edge browsers.



  1. If you have not done so already, download the Voltera A Series user manual from for instructions on how to identify your amplifier's current firmware version using the binary number display during device startup (boot).
    • See the Front Panel LED Indicators section.
  2. Connect your computer and the Voltera A amplifier using a USB A to C or C to C cable
  3. Click Discover button below in this article.
  4. From the dialog that appears, select the port of the Voltera A Amplifier (Usually shown as USB JTAG/Serial debug unit (COM x)) and click Connect. The console should then show a connection.
  5. Click Update Firmware and wait until update is complete and success is shown
  6. Power cycle the amplifier by removing power and waiting until all LEDs extinguish before reapplying power.

Please note that:

  • Audio will be interrupted for approximately 30 seconds while this update takes place.
  • In the event that power is removed, or USB is disconnected during the update, please cold reboot the Voltera A and try again.


The update tool



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