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Voltera A Amplifier firmware update tool

This tool allows updating Voltera A Amplifiers firmware by connecting the Amplifiers USB port to your PC.

PLEASE NOTE: This tool is only supported on Chrome or Edge browsers.


  • If you have not done so already, download the Voltera A Series user manual from for instructions on how to identify your amplifier's current firmware version using the binary number display during device startup (boot).
    • See the Front Panel LED Indicators section.
  • Connect your computer and the Voltera A amplifier using a USB A to C or C to C cable
  • Click "Discover"
  • From the dialog that appears, select the port of the Voltera A Amplifier (Usually shown as USB JTAG/Serial debug unit (COM x)) and click "Connect". Console should show connected
  • Click "Update Firmware" and wait until update is complete and success is shown
  • Power cycle the amplifier by removing power and waiting until all LEDs extinguish before reapplying power.


  • Audio will be interrupted for approximately 30 seconds while this update takes place.
  • In the event that power is removed, or USB is disconnected during the update, please cold reboot the Voltera A and try again.


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