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Devio Videos

Below is our library of educational and instructional videos for Devio. These videos are presented in their recommended viewing order.

An introduction to Devio

If this is your first time hearing about Devio and you're interested in knowing more, start with this video.

Devio use case scenarios

We'll go over the most typical ways ways to integrate Devio into your meeting space and the benefits yielded from each. 

Hardware orientation: the CR-1

If you're responsible for installing Devio or curious about precisely how it will work for your particular use case, this is the video for you.

Hardware orientation: the DTM-1

See how the DTM-1 tabletop microphone packs a lot of power in a small package.

Hardware orientation: the DCM-1

When tabletop space is at a premium, the DCM-1 ceiling microphone provides an adjustable alternative for remote collaboration.

Performing Auto Setup

Here you'll see different ways to initiate auto setup, how to know it's successful and what to do if it's not.

System Administration Utility basics - part 1

Walk through the SAU software installation, initial device discovery, and have a look at setting Devio's basic properties.

System Administration Utility basics - part 2

A more in-depth look at the SAU, including multiple-device discovery and ensuring a device is fully configurable.

Performing a Factory Reset

Learn when and how to restore your CR-1 to its original factory settings

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