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Devio release notes

This article provides details of Devio Firmware revisions as well as updates to the Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) software and web page interface. Future release notes will be added to this same page.


Released May 2017

New Features:
  1. Added ability to remotely reboot CR-1 via SAU or Devio Text Protocol
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Improved messaging in SAU progress bar
  2. Improved messaging in system log
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Fixed issue with Location and Properties not always refreshing properly in SAU when changing device password
  2. Fixed issue with SAU occasionally erroneously reporting "Invalid Password" during firmware updates
  3. Fixed issue with SAU hanging during firmware update if a network cable to the CR-1 is disconnected before update completes
  4. Fixed issue with Devio units intermittently appearing to drop offline in the SAU
  5. Fixed issue causing SAU to crash if "About" dialog is opened while Devio devices are still being populated in the Device List


Released February 2017

New Features: 
  1. Added Sidetone Canceler (STC) to prevent sidetone audio generated in handset telephones from reaching Devio loudspeaker
  2. Added Loudspeaker EQ options (Bass Reduction: Low, Medium, High; Mid Boost: Low, Medium, High; Treble Boost: Low, Medium, High)
  3. Added ability for Auto Setup to adjust Loudspeaker EQ settings
    • Included ability to override these adjustments in Devio SAU
  4. Added ability to disable DTM-1 mute button
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Improved azimuth tracking display for multiple concurrent talkers
Firmware Updates:
  1. All Mic EQ settings default to "Medium" from factory, or following a factory reset
  2. Increased target output level for Devio loudspeaker during Auto Setup
  3. Improved Biamp AEC technology
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Corrected azimuth tracking orientation for DCM-1


Released July 2016

New Features: 
  1. Added support for Devio Ceiling Microphone (DCM-1)
  2. FTP (insecure protocol) disabled and replaced by SCP (secure protocol) for retrieval of Auto Setup Log
  3. HTTPS (secure protocol) added for encrypted connections to Devio web server
  4. Embedded SSH console to provide for encrypted Devio Text Protocol (DTP) communications
  5. Ability to specify SSH listening port (1-65535)
  6. Ability to disable non-essential protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP agent, and plain-text DTP port)
  7. Added Mic EQ options to SAU (Low Cut: Low, Medium, High; Mid Boost: Low, Medium, High)
  8. Added optional balanced output mode for RCA output
  9. Added option to make Amp and/or RCA output level overrides persist through a factory reset
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Copy and paste now supported (either via cursor context menu or standard keyboard commands)
  2. "Add Device" wizard now supports Hostnames for DNS lookup
  3. Running Auto Setup on multiple devices can now be done either simultaneously or sequentially
  4. Devices can now be grouped and sorted in the device list by location
  5. Device list discovery results can now be filtered by name
  6. Improvements to device selection and properties update workflow
  7. Tool tips added for selected properties in device properties grid
  8. Added ability to export selected devices in device list to a .CSV file
  9. Button added to manually check for Devio firmware or software updates
  10. Updated Biamp logo in Devio SAU and web page interface
Firmware Updates:
  1. Signal presence threshold for USB audio channel changed to -85dBFS
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Help file content corrected and updated
  2. Support for international numbering formats improved, including fixing a bug that caused meters to display incorrect values when using commas as decimal separators
  3. Support for international languages improved, including fixing a bug that caused properties grid to be blank when computer is set to certain languages
Resolved Firmware Issues:
  1. Reduced sensitivity of capacitive touch mute button on Devio Tabletop Microphone (DTM-1) to prevent rapid toggling when touched and inadvertent toggling due to noisy grounding


First public release, January 2016

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