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Biamp Cornerstone

Devio release notes

This article provides details of Devio Firmware revisions as well as updates to the Devio System Administration Utility (SAU) software and web page interface. Future release notes will be added to this same page.

Devio SCX release notes


Released September 2021

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  • Resolved issue when Devio SCX could not complete Launch setup with 8 mics and 8 speakers.


Released May 2021


  • Improved the stability of the Tesira EX-UBT during USB host resets.


Released May 2021


  • Enabled 16-bit USB audio capability to the EX-UBT, Devio SCX series, and Forté X series.  These devices now support both 16- and 24-bit modes automatically.

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  • Resolved an issue in which an EX-UBT could lose connectivity or audio transmission when the host PC reboots.   
  • Resolved a condition that could cause a VoIP interface to crash or report that is has lost registration.
  • Fixed an erroneous AVB stream inactive fault condition that appeared even though the AVB stream was functional.
  • Resolved a problem in which an upgrade to 4.X firmware could clear the SSH authentication credentials in a protected system.
  • Fixed a problem where Biamp Launch would fail with certain combinations of attached devices.
  • Solved a UC mute-sync issue on the Forté X and Devio SCX.


First public release, March 2021

Devio SCR/CR release notes


Released August 2021 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

New Features:

  • The UC Platform property now easily applies the Microsoft Teams certified processing settings in one quick motion.
  • Added 16-bit USB audio support for enhanced compatibility with third-party devices.
  • The Microphone LED Mode property now supports "Always Off" for environments that need to suppress LED activity.

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed a problem where the Noise Reduction settings would not persist when the microphone type was changed.


Released September 2020 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

New Features:

  1. Added "On Call in Progress" microphone LED mode. When enabled, all mic LEDs will be off unless there is an active UC call. Compatible with all Devio microphones (Parlé, DTM-1, and DCM-1).

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Added "UC Platform" property, allowing Devio to be optimized for preferred platforms (Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, or Generic UC). If using multiple UC platforms or a UC platform that is not listed, "Generic UC" is the recommended setting.

Firmware Updates:

  1. Improved AEC and beamtracking algorithms.


Released August 2019 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

New Features:

  1. Added support for Parle microphones (TCM-XEX and TTM-XEX only).

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Added configuration options for Parle microphones.

Firmware Updates:

  1. Updated USB audio HID to improve compatibility with various soft codecs.


Released April 2019 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)Edit section

Resolved firmware issues:

  • Fixed an issue where selecting "Enable HDMI Black Video Signal" did not persist through a power cycle.


Released January 2019 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

Resolved firmware issues:

  • Fixed an issue where USB audio may not flow following a firmware update.


Released November 2018 - New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

New Features:

  1. Added an attribute "hdmiEnableBlackOut" which allows enabling or disabling the constant output of a black video signal from both HDMI Outputs when no video input source is detected.

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Added toggle to enable or disable HDMI black video signal output.

Firmware Updates:

  1. Expanded AEC double-talk detector from 4kHz to 12kHz and improved NLP performance.

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  1. Fixed an issue that could cause null values when getting USB status.
  2. Fixed an issue with memory leak in AEC.

Known issues:

  1. HDMI video pass-through (from HDMI Input to HDMI Output 1) can occasionally fail if the HDMI black video signal output is changed from disabled to enabled while there is no HDMI input source detected. The workaround is to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable from HDMI Output 1.


Released March 2018

New models only (SCR-20 and SCR-25)

New Features:

  1. Added support for up to 4K30 video resolution on HDMI Output 1
  2. Added support for HDCP 1.4
  3. Added ability to assign video source priority for auto-switching to either USB or HDMI input
  4. Added support for audio to be routed to HDMI Output 1, HDMI Output 2, or neither
  5. Added support for audio from HDMI Input to go to local audio outputs (HDMI, RCA, and Amplified Output)

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Device serial number and MAC address now available in SAU
  2. Added ability to view HDMI input and output connection status in SAU
  3. Added meters for HDMI audio input and output
  4. Added two mode selections for microphone LED behavior: always on, or only on while there is a USB connection to host computer
  5. DCM-1 configuration settings now utilize height instead of elevation angle
  6. Added ability to select imperial or metric measurements for microphone height
  7. Improved Auto Setup Log
  8. Added multi-language support
  9. Properties, Output, and Auto Setup windows are now dockable
  10. Added ability to save logs to local computer
  11. Improved Export Device List feature
  12. Added option to clear Device List on discovery
  13. Added column for Devio model type to Device List
  14. Added Devio model information and dashboard tab to webpage

Firmware Updates:

  1. USB audio now supports 24bit, 48kHz resolution

Hardware Updates:

  1. USB port on back of unit now supports USB 3.0 and 2.0 (previously 2.0 only)
  2. Improved protection against issues if PoE mistakenly plugged into microphone port

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  1. Improved performance of RCA line output

SCR-25 only

New Features:

  1. Added Bluetooth support for connecting mobile devices to the SCR-25 for audio
  2. Added "Demo" feature: manually adding a device to the SAU Device List with "demo" as its IP address results in the creation of a simulated SCR-25 that can be explored in the SAU for situations where a physical Devio unit is not accessible. 

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Added ability to select headset interface pinout configuration in SAU, instead of having to physically rewire headset connector

Hardware Updates:

  1. Replaced Phoenix connector headset interface port with standard 4P4C port


Released March 2018 - CR-1 only

Software/Web Interface Updates:

  1. Device serial number and MAC address now available in SAU
  2. Added two mode selections for microphone LED behavior: always on, or only on while there is a USB connection to host computer

Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:

  1. Fixed issue where editable fields remain in editing mode after clicking Save icon

Resolved Firmware Issues:

  1. Fixed issue where Auto Setup status was not retained after rebooting
  2. Fixed issue where Auto Setup log was not retained following firmware update
  3. Fixed issue causing unit not to automatically reboot following firmware update
  4. Fixed issue with ampersands in long SNMP read-only strings that could cause Chrome or Firefox to crash
  5. Resolved memory leak issue

Known Issues:

1. An issue was identified in a recent Windows update (version 1809) that could result in distortion of microphones connected to Devio CR-1 units. Microsoft has now released a patch for Windows update version 1809 that resolves this issue. If using a Devio CR-1 with Windows 1809, ensure that you are using at least OS build 17763.292 of the 1809 update.

If you are already experiencing issues with your Devio CR-1 microphone distorting, you will need to do the following:

  1. Install OS build 17763.292 using the instructions found here.
  2. Once the update is installed, perform these steps:
    • Connect your Devio CR-1 via USB to your computer
    • On your computer, search for and open "Device Manager"
    • Expand the drop-down for "Audio inputs and outputs"
    • Delete any items that have "Devio" in the name
    • Disconnect the USB cable between Devio and your computer
    • Reconnect the USB cable between Devio and your computer
  3. If, after following these steps, you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to us at and we can assist with further troubleshooting.


Released May 2017

New Features:
  1. Added ability to remotely reboot CR-1 via SAU or Devio Text Protocol
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Improved messaging in SAU progress bar
  2. Improved messaging in system log
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Fixed issue with Location and Properties not always refreshing properly in SAU when changing device password
  2. Fixed issue with SAU occasionally erroneously reporting "Invalid Password" during firmware updates
  3. Fixed issue with SAU hanging during firmware update if a network cable to the CR-1 is disconnected before update completes
  4. Fixed issue with Devio units intermittently appearing to drop offline in the SAU
  5. Fixed issue causing SAU to crash if "About" dialog is opened while Devio devices are still being populated in the Device List


Released February 2017

New Features: 
  1. Added Sidetone Canceler (STC) to prevent sidetone audio generated in handset telephones from reaching Devio loudspeaker
  2. Added Loudspeaker EQ options (Bass Reduction: Low, Medium, High; Mid Boost: Low, Medium, High; Treble Boost: Low, Medium, High)
  3. Added ability for Auto Setup to adjust Loudspeaker EQ settings
    • Included ability to override these adjustments in Devio SAU
  4. Added ability to disable DTM-1 mute button
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Improved azimuth tracking display for multiple concurrent talkers
Firmware Updates:
  1. All Mic EQ settings default to "Medium" from factory, or following a factory reset
  2. Increased target output level for Devio loudspeaker during Auto Setup
  3. Improved Biamp AEC technology
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Corrected azimuth tracking orientation for DCM-1


Released July 2016

New Features: 
  1. Added support for Devio Ceiling Microphone (DCM-1)
  2. FTP (insecure protocol) disabled and replaced by SCP (secure protocol) for retrieval of Auto Setup Log
  3. HTTPS (secure protocol) added for encrypted connections to Devio web server
  4. Embedded SSH console to provide for encrypted Devio Text Protocol (DTP) communications
  5. Ability to specify SSH listening port (1-65535)
  6. Ability to disable non-essential protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP agent, and plain-text DTP port)
  7. Added Mic EQ options to SAU (Low Cut: Low, Medium, High; Mid Boost: Low, Medium, High)
  8. Added optional balanced output mode for RCA output
  9. Added option to make Amp and/or RCA output level overrides persist through a factory reset
Software/Web Interface Updates:
  1. Copy and paste now supported (either via cursor context menu or standard keyboard commands)
  2. "Add Device" wizard now supports Hostnames for DNS lookup
  3. Running Auto Setup on multiple devices can now be done either simultaneously or sequentially
  4. Devices can now be grouped and sorted in the device list by location
  5. Device list discovery results can now be filtered by name
  6. Improvements to device selection and properties update workflow
  7. Tool tips added for selected properties in device properties grid
  8. Added ability to export selected devices in device list to a .CSV file
  9. Button added to manually check for Devio firmware or software updates
  10. Updated Biamp logo in Devio SAU and web page interface
Firmware Updates:
  1. Signal presence threshold for USB audio channel changed to -85dBFS
Resolved Software/Web Interface Issues:
  1. Help file content corrected and updated
  2. Support for international numbering formats improved, including fixing a bug that caused meters to display incorrect values when using commas as decimal separators
  3. Support for international languages improved, including fixing a bug that caused properties grid to be blank when computer is set to certain languages
Resolved Firmware Issues:
  1. Reduced sensitivity of capacitive touch mute button on Devio Tabletop Microphone (DTM-1) to prevent rapid toggling when touched and inadvertent toggling due to noisy grounding


First public release, January 2016

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