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How to add RFID tag values to your Evoko Workplace Users?

RFID tags enable users to check-in and identify themselves on the device at the desk.

Follow this guide to add the RFID information to the correct user in the Evoko Workplace Admin Center.

  1. Navigate to the Users -> Active on the left hand side column. Step 51.PNG
  2. FInd the User you want to add RFID information for in the list.  In this guide we will be using the Evoko Service Account.  Select the pencil icon to edit the user. Step 52.PNG
  3. Navigate to the Tags section. Step 53.PNG
  4. Select ADD TAG Step 55.PNG
  5. Give the TAG a name, and also enter the RFID for the tag.  This should consist of hexadecimal characters (A-F, 0-9). Step 56.PNG
  6. Press ADD TAG Step 57.PNG
  7. You should now see this badge added to the current user. Step 58.PNG
  8. You have successfully added an RFID tag to a user.


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