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How to add users to your Evoko Workplace Organization?

Note!  When you feel satisfied with your organization setup you can begin inviting users.  There are two possible ways that you can invite users to your organization and we will cover the steps for both in this article.


Inviting Users Manually

  1. Navigate to the Users -> Active tab in Evoko Workplace Admin Center. Step 29.PNG
  2. Select the INVITE USER button in the top right hand corner. Step 30.PNG
  3. Type in the email of the user you would like to invite.  You will also need to define that user a role.  If this user is only going to be booking through the mobile the app they do not need any other elevated privileges other than user.  Press INVITE USER when done.  Step 33.PNG
  4. Navigate to Users -> Invited and you will see this user on the list. Step 34.PNG
  5. The invited user will receive the following invite to join the organization.  We recommend having the user create a Workpkace account prior to accepting the invite.  As you can not accept an invite without an account created. Step 35.PNG
  6. Repeat the steps for each individual user you would like to invite.
  7. You can see a list of all of the users you have invited be selecting Users -> Invited Step 36.PNG

Enabling White listed Domains

By enabling whitelisted domains, new users can get immediate access to booking if they have created a Workplace Account and their domain matches one that has been white listed within the organization.  Follow these steps to turn on and enable this feature.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Organization in the left hand column of the Evoko Workplace Admin Center.  This will bring you to the Organization Settings.  Step 37.PNG
  2. Scroll down to White listed domainsStep 38.PNG
  3. Enable White listed domains, and add the domain that you want white listed.  In this guide we will want every user with the email to get access to the Cornerstone Organization.  Press SAVE when done.  Step 39.PNG
  4. All users that register with the domain will automatically get access to this organization.


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