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How to change opening hours for organizations and buildings?

The Evoko Admin Workpalce allows you to change opening hours for your entire organization as a whole, as well as down to specific buildings.

Change Opening Hours for Entire Organization

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Organization Step 43.PNG
  2. Scroll down to Opening Hours Step 44.PNG
  3. Select the standard hours you like to apply to your organization.  If you check the CLOSED option then no hours for the given day can be selected.  Press SAVE Step 45.PNG

Changing opening hours for different buildings

If you have a building that is open outside of the standard organizational hours you can edit that buildings open hours specifically as well.

  1. Navigate to Buildings in the left hand column. Step 46.PNG
  2. Select the pencil icon to change the setting for the building of your choice.  In this guide we will be editing the Main OfficeStep 47.PNG
  3. Scroll down to Opening Hours Step 48.PNG
  4. If you select Organization Default it will use the default opening hours you have
  5. If you select Building Custom you can then apply custom opening hours for this building only.  Step 49.PNG
  6. Press SAVE. Step 50.PNG

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