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Evoko Liso firmware upgrade vs reset - What is the difference?

When you receive a new Liso, the firmware version on the device might not be up to date. In some cases, this might cause compatibility issues. Best practice is to update the firmware so it matches the version number of Evoko Home.

There are however a few different ways of doing this. Here, we will explain the differences.

  • Remote Update
  • USB Update
  • Firmware reset

Remote update

This is by far the easiest way of updating the Liso firmware, since it's done remotely from within Evoko Home. 

There are, however, a few conditions:

  • Only default mode is supported.
  • Evoko Home will need internet access or you will need access to the file system of the Evoko Home server.
  • The Lisos need to be connected to Evoko Home and appear online in the Monitoring tab.

If any of these conditions are not met, you can not use remote update. In this case we recommend a USB update instead.

To perform a remote update of all Lisos connected to Evoko Home:


For Evoko Home 2.x:
  1. Go to Rooms -> Monitoring
  2. Click Firmware Check
  3. If a new firmware is found, click Confirm to download it.
  4. When the button has changed from "Loading...", the firmware is ready to be transferred to the devices.
  5. Click the green arrow button in the header to update all devices that can be updated, or click the same button on a device row to update that device.

To load firmware from the local file system instead of our update servers, go to Global settings in Evoko Home and change the Firmware search location from Remote to Local:
Then download the firmware manually from and place it in the liso_files subfolder, located under the Evoko Home install folder.

USB update

Performing a firmware update via USB is also very simple.

  1. Download the Evoko Liso firmware file from
    1. For 2.x: Unzip the zip file and place the two files in the root of a USB flash drive. The .tar.gz file contains the firmware and the .tar.gz.sig file is used by the Liso to verify the firmware.
  2. Insert the USB stick into the USB port on the back of the Liso
  3. To perform the update:
    • If the Liso is unconfigured, press the "Upgrade via USB" button. 
    • If the Liso is already configured, log into the admin section and press the "Upgrade via USB" button.

If you are unable to log in to an already configured Liso, you will need to perform a firmware reset.

Firmware reset

A firmware reset updates the firmware and resets all settings. The Liso will be unconfigured and disconnected from Evoko Home and any booking system. This can be necessary if the Liso is not working properly or if you have lost the ability to log in to the Liso.

The firmware reset is done by creating a bootable USB flash drive and restarting the Liso with the USB drive inserted. For full Firmware reset instructions, please see the article How do I perform a firmware reset on an Evoko Liso?.

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