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How can I find the serial number of the Evoko Liso?

You can identify the serial number of the Evoko Liso by two ways.

  • On the back of the device
  • Through Evoko Home either when a panel is online or disconnected.

On the back of the unit

On the back of the physical unit you can identify the serial number.  It is shown here in the screenshot.IMG_2125.JPG

Through Evoko Home

This does not require the panel to be online and/or connected to Evoko Home.

  1. Navigate to Evoko Home
  2. Navigate to Rooms Tab
  3. Navigate to the Monitoring Tab
  4. Click on the Room Name of the device you want to check the serial number.
  5. Click on the Details Tab
  6. You will see the Device Serial Number in this section.
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