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How do I activate RFID on the Liso?

The Evoko Liso system is compatible with the popular RFID technology, which makes handling your meetings on the Liso a lot quicker. Just present the card in front of the Liso (see picture below) instead of using your PIN. (Put the RFID tag on the right bottom side of the Liso - ID-tag here)


RFID compatibility

  •  13.56 MHz reader.
  •  ISO/IEC 14443 A or B standard. 
  • Supports MIFARE 4K/1K card (does not support ISO/IEC 15693 or MIFARE Ultralight C).
  • MIFARE Classic.
  • MIFARE DESfire EV1.
  • Hybrid cards using one of the above technologies and EM4200.

Evoko Home RFID Settings

To enable RFID authentication, go to Global Settings in Evoko Home. On the left hand side, you will see the options for Authentication:


To enable RFID, set this option to "PIN or RFID". Press "Save".

RFID Enrollment settings

This option controls how users can enroll their RFID into Evoko Home.


Auto - This means a user can present their RFID to a Liso, then enter their PIN to associate the RFID with their Evoko Home user account.

Admin - This means the admin must import or enter the RFID into Evoko Home. No enrollment from the Liso.

Requested - This option is like Auto but with the addition that an Evoko Home admin must approve the RFID in Evoko Home. When the admin edits the user a request to replace the RFID is shown.


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