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What is the difference between settings and default local settings?

Sometimes panels may not seem to pick up new settings that you have applied to them.  In some instances this is due to Admins confusing current settings for panels with the Default Local Settings in Evoko Home Global Settings.  Current local settings are live - on the panels, default local settings get applied to any new panels connected to Evoko Home after the original configuration.

Change Local Settings

Since Evoko Home manages all of the panels from a central web interface you can easily update the settings for any given panel instantly by following these steps:

  1. Navigate to Evoko Home
  2. Navigate to Rooms - > Settings as shown in the screenshot below:


3. Select the Room or Rooms you wish to change the settings for by pressing the box next to the Room Name/Email.


4. Press the Edit Selected button.

5. Make your changes and press the Save button in the top right hand corner. 


Change Default Local Settings

  1. Navigate to Evoko Home
  2. Navigate to Global Settings


3. Scroll down to Default Local Settings in the bottom right corner.


4. Make the necessary changes and press save.

5. Any new panels connected to Evoko Home will automatically pick up these applied settings.

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