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What is the Device Registration timer in Evoko Home?

The device registration timer was introduced in Evoko Home v2.6 and is a security feature. Unless the registration timer is started from the Evoko Home server, new Liso devices will not be able to connect and register with your Evoko Home environment. When the timer runs out, device registration is closed again.

Instructions for use

To enable new Lisos to connect to Evoko Home:

  1. Open the Global Settings in Evoko Home.
  2. Scroll down to Device Registration and select values that correspond to the time window needed:
  3. Click the Start registration button. The timer will start:
  4. New Lisos can now be added to Evoko Home. If needed, you can restart the timer or close the registration window.


  • This does not affect Lisos that are already connected
    to Evoko Home.
  • This feature requires Liso firmware v2.6 or later for full functionality.
  • If you configured a pairing key, starting the device registration timer is not necessary.
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