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How to export insights from Evoko Workplace?

Insights are built into the Evoko Workplace.  With these insights there is a ton of data available to you see how your booking spaces are being utilized.  We provide users the ability to export the raw data from their bookings if they would like to dive deeper into the analytics.

This guide walks you through the process on how to access inisghts and export that data to CSV file.

Exporting Insights

  1. Navgiate to the Insights section in the left hand column of your Evoko Workplace.
    • EW-81.png
  2. You should land on a page that looks like the one below.
    • EW-82.png
  3. Toggle the Start and End date for when you want to pull statistical data for your bookings.  Select the Resource Type to narrow scope of Desks/Rooms.  We will continue to use ALL in this exercise.  Select the Export to CSV option.
    • EW-83.png
  4. Select where you want to save the local file and press Save.
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