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How to control volume on a BSS BLU-100

This document will show you how to control the volume on a BSS BLU-100 from a Biamp Control System. BSS have also released an article on third party control. It can be found here.

So what can it do for me?
Controlling the BSS BLU-100 from a Biamp Control system is not supported within the default drag and drop functionality. Nevertheless, by using a bit of script code, it is possible to achieve this function.


  • A Biamp Control System that supports script code.

  • Biamp Project Designer

  • The device driver attached at the bottom of this article

How to get started in Biamp Device Editor.

The video below shows how to modify the attached driver in Device Editor and create a level command to be used on a slider, based on an example in Audio Architect.

NOTE: Do NOT use the command generated in Audio Architect. Please follow the example in the video where the command is built upon the data structure below.


Volume Control Percentage -  Example command data structure


Here is the example command above, in case you need to copy/paste it into Device Editor:

02 8D 00 01 03 00 01 00 00 64 00 00 00 00 8E 03

How to get started in Project Designer.

  1. Create a new project and add the BSS BLU-100 driver to one of the control systems RS232/LAN ports.

  2. Insert following text in Function > Show system code > Global variables:
    #define CONTROL_BSS_VOLUME Stack1 
    (The stack number is not always 1, find the correct stack number by watching the video below)

  3. Now all volume controls will follow this protocol on this port.


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