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Windows 43 Error


What is it?

The Windows 43 Error often indicates that a device driver has failed or has been incorrectly installed. This can cause a device to malfunction or fail to start properly. There are a few simple ways to diagnose and correct the issue.


How to fix it

Normally, the issue is as simple as a bad installation of the driver file. This can be corrected by uninstalling the program from the control panel and reinstalling the file again, ideally with a fresh install file downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The issue can also sometimes be addressed by powering down the PC, waiting about 5 minutes, then powering back up. If using a laptop, remove the battery if possible and safe to do so, then reinstall it.

You may want to test the functionality of the device by connecting it to a different computer. This can verify it isn't an issue with the device. When doing so, fully eject or dismount the device if possible. Switching computers is a good opportunity to check cables and compatibility with the Windows version on your machines.

If these troubleshooting options do not resolve the issue, you may need to seek further assistance from an IT technician. It's also a good idea to regularly update your device drivers to prevent errors and ensure optimal performance of your hardware devices.

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