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Voltera Ds - Software Configuration Options

Voltera D amplified loudspeaker controllers provide two options for configuration, management, and deployment. Voltera D may be programmed using Tesira software, either as a standalone solution or part of a larger Tesira system. Alternately, if the site consists of just Voltera D devices, Biamp's VenueTune software may be used for a streamlined, loudspeaker centric approach built around Phases and Actions.

The following article will provide details to aide in determining which one may be more appropriate for your current project. 



Which path to choose?

There are some key factors that should be considered when deciding which software option is best or applicable for configuring Voltera D.

Tesira software

If any of the following conditions apply, then Tesira software would be the appropriate choice.

  • There is a desire to create a custom built system where the Voltera D hosts:
    • Expanders, and/or
    • TEC-X control panels, and/or
    • Custom designed basic input processing (source selectors etc)
  • There are other Tesira devices included in the same system design as Voltera D and the desire is to have a single project file for it or to route AVB audio between the devices
  • Sources connected to Voltera D analog inputs need to be available to other devices that share the same media network.

VenueTune software

If the following conditions apply, then VenueTune is great option for configuring the system.

  • The person designing and/or deploying the system prefers a loudspeaker perspective and the ability to lay it out so that the workspace reflects the actual installation
  • Loudspeaker grouping is desired as an option for optimizing or monitoring the system
  • Analog inputs will remain localized to each Voltera D; either to support failover or to just act as a local analog input.
  • AVB is not required.


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