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Camera Controller Software

Biamp has provided a dedicated control software application to help support the features and maintenance of the Parlé soundbar and Vidi 250 products. This application is available for free download supporting both PC and Mac platforms. This is not required for basic camera operation, but will be needed to achieve the full suite of features available within these products. 

Software can be downloaded from the main website, or directly from the link below

Once downloaded, the software will detect a connected camera, and allow for video preview window along with available controls. A shortcut to the application will be installed on the desktop once loaded. 

    Camera Controller Icon.png

Camera control

Once the camera control application is opened, a control window with a camera preview will launch. The camera controller software has a page for video and a settings page. Preset controls are available on both pages.

  • Save or recall up to 3 presets
  • Video Page 
    • Autoframe function on/off
    • ePTZ zoom and camera manual panning
  • Settings page
    • Backlight compensation
    • Image mirror on/off
    • Image flip for under display mounting
    • Refresh rate 50Hz/60Hz
    • Microphone on/off  (Vidi 250 only)
    • UC Profile selection (Generic UC, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom)
    • Max Zoom setting   
    • Firmware upgrade (Unavailable when UC profile is set to Teams)
    • Automatic Firmware Updates (added in v1.5.1, Unavailable when UC profile is set to Teams)            

   Video Page                                                                                                                Settings Page                                    Video Page.png         Settings Page.png

Note: For setups where the max bar SPL capabilities are required, it is recommended to set the application for "Generic" in the UC profile. Other profiles have taken into account specific UC platform certification criteria that in some cases may change the max SPL or microphone array settings of the VBC and ABC 2500. 

With UC profile set to Teams, the options for upgrade firmware and Automatic firmware updates will be grayed out. These are done within the Teams platform when this profile is selected.

Teams selection


Up to 3 camera presets are available to store via the controller software. To allow for preset store and recall to be available, the autoframe mode must be set to the off position. When autoframe is enabled, you will see that the preset buttons, and save as preset selections are grayed out and disabled. Autoframe mode also disables the zoom and pan controls in controller software while leaving the flip option available. 

To store a preset, use the zoom and pan controls to position the camera view to the desired location. Then by selecting the "save as preset" option you will be given the choice via pop up window to update preset. Select the desired preset store location and select save to store. Repeat the process to save up to 3 custom camera views.


To recall the saved presets, select from the left side preset locations to instantly recall your saved camera view. Presets can also include camera flip orientation for setups that sometimes require the camera to be inverted, to allow for easy recall of views based on camera positioning. 

Firmware updates

In addition to real time camera control functionality, the control software is also used for firmware updates. This uses a .pfa firmware update file ABC 2500, and VBC 2500 hardware.

Version 1.5.0 adds the feature to enable Windows firmware updates via the Biamp camera controller application. When selected, the manual firmware upgrade process and corresponding button will be grayed out and unavailable until toggling the "Windows Firmware Updates" slider. 

Windows updates = OnWindows updates = Off

With UC profile set to Teams, the options for upgrade firmware and Automatic firmware updates will be grayed out. These are done within the Teams platform when this profile is selected.

Note: Although the ABC 2500 is not a camera based device, it also will use the camera control application for its firmware update process.

The VBC and ABC firmware will be available to download from and from this link on Cornerstone. Once downloaded to local machine, select upgrade firmware from the settings page. A pop up will show the current device firmware and allow you to navigate to the download location. 

  Firmware Upgrade Screen

Once a .pfa file has been added, select "start upgrade" to begin the process.

Parle conferencing bars use the .pfa file extension. 

Firmware upgrade selection


During the process the firmware will be uploaded and installed, followed by a restart. During the process The status bar will show indication of progress. 









The Biamp Camera Controller application will indicate when the process has completed.

Firmware Update Complete


  • Parlé Software and Firmware updates

UC Profile

Picking Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom will configure the audio and video settings consistent with that platform. Users may notice differences in audio/video performance depending on the profile setting selected. Each profile is customized to comply with the requirements of that platform. 

Each profile is customized to comply with the requirements of that platform. 

Note: Audio UC profiles for the Parlé ABC 2500/2500a and Parlé VBC 2500/2500a were incorporated with BCC App v1.4.0 and Parlé bar firmware v1.1.0. 


UVC Control

The VBC 2500 and Vidi 250 both support the UVC protocol standard. This protocol used by many UC systems for 3rd party camera control via USB connection. If a UC client supports UVC control, it can be used with our camera products. 

  • Zoom Rooms support and utilize this today
  • Teams Rooms have this feature road mapped

UVC Control















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