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Integrating Tesira AVB devices into a Dante system with TC-5D

With the TesiraCONNECT TC-5D opening up many possibilities to combine AVB and Dante devices, the Tesira compiler still favors the native AVB protocol to provide the most cost effective configuration. However, this may not be desirable when building a primarily Dante-based Tesira system with some Tesira AVB devices mixed in.


  •  Parle microphones are not supported in Dante-centric (TesiraFORTE DAN) designs.
  • All device specific features (For eg. Mute Sync on EX-UBT) on supported Tesira AVB Expanders are available on Dante-based Tesira system with this integration

This article explains how to add Tesira AVB devices to a Tesira Dante system, especially when creating a new Tesira configuration file.

Example equipment list for Tesira Dante system 

  • TesiraFORTÉ DAN VT
  • Tesira EX-UBT
  • Dante Mics
  • TC-5D

When creating a Tesira configuration file with the above equipment, on compiling the Tesira compiler will suggest an AVB based solution with the TC-5D providing a Dante interface:

Default Tesira Compiler Result with AVB Device in Dante System.png

This default result from the compiler is a more cost effective and flexible Tesira solution, but does not match the system list the user is aiming for. 

The following steps explain how to modify the compiler behavior to get the expected output. 

Create basic Tesira configuration file

Create a configuration file with TesiraFORTÉ and a Dante Input block to integrate the Dante mics.

Add AVB device with Dante in/out pairs

Add the EX-UBT I/O blocks and connect to the to the configuration file using Dante Input and Output pair blocks. 

Dante Input Output Pair To Add AVB Device.png

Note: All device specific features (For eg. Mute Sync on EX-UBT) on supported Tesira Expanders will work via this integration

Add devices to Equipment Table and fix blocks

Go to System > Equipment Table and add a TesiraFORTÉ VT which will be assigned unit ID 1.  

Next proceed to fix the AEC Input block and the Dante Mic blocks to the TesiraFORTÉ VT. This is done by accessing properties sheet from the right click menu, and under 'DSP Properties', select Unit 1 for  'Allocated to Unit' and select True for  'Fixed In Unit'.

Fixed TesiraFORTÉ and Dante Mic Blocks.png

Compile file 

With the Dante Mic block fixed in Unit 1, the compiler is forced to consider a TesiraFORTÉ DAN VT instead of AVB VT, and provides the desired results as in line with the system list. 

Final System with TesiraFORTÉ DAN and AVB Devices.png 

Notice that the the Dante Input and Output blocks attached to the EX-UBT are assigned to Unit 2 which is the TC-5D. The other Dante blocks are assigned to to Unit 1 by the compiler setting up the TC-5D device role as a AVB to Dante Bridge for the AVB devices to the Tesira Dante system.

Final Tesira File System Information.png

Next steps

This article only covers how to create a Tesira configuration with the desired equipment list. To get audio flowing from the Tesira AVB device into the Tesira Dante system with the TC-5D, the Dante Controller software needs to be used to link the Dante Input and Output pairs besides routing and linking other Dante devices on the network. 

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