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Cisco Webex UC integration

This article details how to interface Cisco Webex UC Codecs with Tesira conferencing devices.

Compatible Cisco hardware

All of the following devices can be used for conferencing audio and USB mute sync with Tesira Parlé microphones.

SX Series:

  • SX20 Quick Set
  • SX80 Codec

Room Series:

  • Room Kit
  • Room Kit Mini
  • Room Kit Plus with Codec Plus
  • Room Kit Pro with Codec Pro
  • Room 55 and 55 Dual
  • Room 70 and 70 G2

Webex Boards:

  • Webex Board 55 and 55S
  • Webex Board 70 and 70S
  • Webex Board 85S

Mute synchronization

All of the Cisco Webex Room kits listed above support USB HID mute sync with the TesiraFORTÉ X and EX-UBT. This feature allows the Cisco touch panel mute button to toggle the LED's of Tesira Parlé series microphones. 

This control will pass between Tesira and Cisco as long as the Tesira USB port is connected to a USB Type-A port on the Cisco codec.

Audio integration

Cisco does not support audio over USB with Tesira. To get conferencing audio to and from the Codec analog audio must be used. Cisco codecs have two different analog connections depending on the device, 3.5mm (1/8") and euro block. 

Both the 3.5mm (1/8") and euro block connections behave differently so read below for wiring guides and how to configure the settings properly.

  Devices Input Input Signal Type Output  Output Signal Type
3.5mm (1/8")
  • Room Kit mini 
  • Room Kit
  • Room Kit Codec Plus
  • Room55
  • SX20

Balanced TRRS

Tip - Positive

Ring 1 - Negative

Ring 2 - do not connect

Sleeve - Ground 


-18dBu max

Unbalanced Stereo

Tip - L (Positive channel 1)

Ring - R (Positive channel 2)

Sleeve - Ground 


Euro block 
  • SX80
  • Room70 G2
  • Room Kit Codec Pro

Mono balanced 4-pin

Positive - Positive

Negative - Negative

Ground - Ground 

Mic control - do not connect


Codec Pro - 24dBu max

SX80 - 22dBu max


Mono balanced

Positive - Positive

Negative - Negative

Ground - Ground 



The microphone input of the Cisco Webex codec must be connected to a Tesira analog output. Cisco codecs with 3.5mm (1/8") inputs only support balanced microphone level. The euro block inputs support both balanced microphone and line level. 

3.5mm (1/8") inputs

All of these inputs are TRRS connectors with an analog microphone control connection on ring two that will not be used. This should be wired up using standard balanced TRS wiring.

3.5mm mic 2.png

Tesira Mic out.pngIt is also important to disable the internal microphone and all microphone processing within the codec. See below for all settings to disable on Cisco Room Kits.

In order for Tesira to output microphone level the full scale level must be decreased to -31dBu in the output block.

TesiraFORTÉ X which have been configured using Launch (firmware 4.2 and later) have the proper output level settings on channels 1 and 2 for Cisco Webex inputs.

To align with Cisco's default input gain of 14dB and it's input sensitivity of -18dBu it is advised to reduce Tesira's output by 1dB. 

The following screenshots show the microphone settings that must be configured for external microphones and processing. Microphone 1 is the internal microphone (if one is present) and should be turned off

Mic levels.png

The codec also has global microphone settings that must be disabled.

mic settings.png

Euro block inputs

On Cisco codecs with euro block inputs they can be toggled between microphone level and line level. For microphone level follow recommended settings above. For line level input set the codec input to 0dB and the Tesira full scale to +24dBu for Codec Pro and for the SX80 set input level to -2dB.

Euro microphone.png


Cisco outputs need to be connected to Tesira inputs for proper AEC performance and to utilize in room audio output. All devices output line level but 3.5mm codecs use unbalanced stereo wiring and euro block codecs use mono balanced outptus.

3.5mm (1/8") outputs

On 3.5mm (1/8") outputs two inputs must be used since the output is stereo unbalanced.


3.5mm speaker 2.png

Mono sum:

3.5mm speaker 2 mono sum.png

On Cisco Webex Room kits the InternalSpeaker mode must be off. In the output settings this can be turned off while leaving Line 1 On and OutputType set to loudspeaker. All other settings in the OutputType will not work.

Speaker settings.png


Euro block outputs

The euro block outputs only require one Tesira input since it outputs mono balanced audio.

 Euro Speaker.png

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