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Lab.gruppen CAFE and Tesira software

This article describes how Tesira software interacts with Lab gruppen's CAFE software. You must be online with the system to use these features.

Tesira software allows you to monitor the amplifier status, control signal flow to the amplifier, and modify the power state of the device.

All amplifier configuration tasks are performed with the Lab gruppen CAFE software.

Configure Amplifier


Clicking on Configure Amplifier should cause a command prompt window to appear, followed by the Lab.gruppen CAFE software launching. The search field at CAFE's upper right corner will be auto-populated with the Instance ID of the amplifier you are working with, and only that amplifier should appear in the list of hardware. The amplifier will be online and showing its current state.
Any actions performed in CAFE will be reflected immediately in Tesira software. Actions performed in Tesira software are executed on the amplifier but will not be reflected in CAFE until the Refresh button is toggled in CAFE.
To see other amplifiers that are online you can clear the search field to show all devices, or search for another device.
Note: CAFE communicates with the amplifier, using Telnet, via the amplifier's Tesira Proxy host device. Telnet is disabled on Teisra devices by default, and it must be enabled on the amplifier's proxy host for CAFE to work. 

Export Lab.gruppen Block Information

Device         Device_Import_Export_detail.PNG
Selecting Export Lab.gruppen Block Information from the Device Import/Export tool (accessed via View menu→Docking Windows→Device Import/Export) sends a list of current amplifier hardware properties from the online Tesira file to the CAFE database. This includes Instance ID tags, IP addresses, and amp chassis type. The Export feature does not launch Lab.gruppen CAFE software.
The next time CAFE is launched the devices will be added to its list of known devices and it should automatically discover them online, connect, and display them in the hardware field.
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