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TEC-1 and the Mute block

This article describes how to connect the TEC-1 to a Mute block in Tesira so the triangle indicator in the TEC-1 indicates the mute state of the selected channel. Adding volume control to the same Control Item adds functionality to the design.

Mute state

This illustration shows the topology of the circuit being discussed. Elements are examined in detail below.

TEC-1 mutes with flip flop topology.PNG

TEC-1 Logic Control

The TEC-1 can provide up to 32 discrete momentary logic output controls. Right click on the TEC-1 block to select "Edit Block Parameters..." and select the desired number of outputs under the Logic Output Count.
In the TEC-1 settings you will associate a Logic Control with a Control Item. Highlight the desired Control Item and select a Logic Index from the Logic Control menu. 

Flip Flop logic gate

The flip flop gate is a logic element that converts a momentary pulse to a latching state, one pulse latches it high, another pulse flips the state to latch it low, and so on.

The TEC-1 provides a momentary logic pulse. A flip flop gate attached to the TEC-1 will latch high or low on each tap of the center of the TEC-1 control ring and will also provide feedback to the TEC-1 that a logic high or low is being maintained. The TEC-1 will use that feedback to show or hide the triangle indicator associated with that logic control.

The flip flop gate should be placed inline between the TEC-1 and the Mute block.

Mute block

Right click on the mute block to select "Edit Block Parameters..." and check the box in front of "Control Inputs". This will turn on the input logic nodes for the block, 1 node per channel. If the "Gang Controls" option is checked only a single node will be available.

Connect the Mute block control inputs to the outputs of the flip flop gate. Once the system is compiled and loaded to your devices the TEC-1 should allow control of the mute block within Tesira. Note that triggering a mute within the Mute block does not provide feedback to the TEC-1 as it does not affect the flip flop gate.

Adding volume control

It is possible to use both the Level Control and Logic Control with individual Control Items in the TEC-1.

The composite of both elements would allow you to create a Control Item which would mute and unmute a channel based on tapping the center of the ring, as well as modifying the volume via a Level Control block by using the ring interface.

Mute and VC.PNG

Sample file

See the attached Tesira v2.2 file for an example of wiring the logic for a mute control attached to a TEC-1.

TEC-1 Mutes.tmf

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