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Barco ClickShare compatibility

ClickShare Conference_label_Compatible_alliance_def.pngMany of Biamp's products are tested for compatibility with Barco Clickshare products. Using a Barco Clickshare device with a Biamp device allows for seamless swapping of a room's AV system between users, using the Barco internal webpage or the USB-C dongle. 





Tested Biamp hardware

The following table contains the list of products most recently tested with Barco products along with their firmware version.

Product name Firmware Version
Tesira FORTE - onboard USB Port
*applies to AVB, DAN, and standalone models
Tesira FORTE X 4.2.0
EX-UBT, USB and Bluetooth expander 4.2.0
Devio SCX 4.2.0
Devio SCR-20 and 25 2.3.1
Devio CR-1
Parle ABC/VBC 2500 1.1.1
Vidi 150/250 1.1.1

Feature list

This table shows the features available for each tested product line. All testing was done on Clickshare firmware version 2.10 using a CX30 product. All functionality testing was performed using Barco's recommendations.

  Playback Recording (Conference) Mute sync
Tesira EX-UBT Yes Yes Yes
Tesira FORTE - onboard USB Port Yes Yes No - Rack-mount Forte options do not support  mute sync on the USB port 
Devio USB CR-1 Yes Yes Yes
Devio USB - 20 and 25 Yes Yes Yes
Tesira FORTE X Yes - Both Launch and manual configuration. Yes

Yes - Both Launch and manual configuration.

Devio SCX Yes - Supports only Launch configurations Yes Yes - Supports only Launch configuration.
Parle ABC/VBC 2500 Yes Yes Yes


Barco specifics

Here are some notes regarding using a Barco CX 30 with Biamp devices:

  • When presenting with Barco Clickshare, either by the USB-C dongle, Mobile App or webpage, set your sound item to the room speakers or ClickShare Speakers
  • Level control and mute state are the only biamp settings that can be adjusted via HID traffic. 
  • The Barco ClickShare has a single USB-A port on the front and 1 USB-C port.  a 2.0 or 3.0 hub will be needed to connect a Camera and Tesira audio DSP
  • Allows Mute sync Only on UC clients that support mute sync.
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