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Processing Library

The processing library is a tool that allows you to save processing blocks, customs blocks or sections of a file with all internal settings in separate catalogs. It also allows sharing and deploying this items in any file speeding up the programing process and eliminating repetitive work.

The processing library

The processing library can be opened by clicking on the processing library icon in the layout bar   Proc.GIF

The processing library should open on the left side. Note that the library has two sections, one for catalogs and one for items. A catalog is a container that can hold many items, for instance, you could have a loudspeaker processing catalog with a series of loudspeaker processing custom blocks for all the loudspeakers you normally use.

The icons on the top of the dialog give full control of all the functions of the processing library as shown


Creating and deleting a catalog

Creating a catalog is very easy. Just click the new catalog icon. Once created, you can rename it by selecting it and typing a new name. Catalogs are automatically saved in My Documents\Biamp\tesira\Processing Library.

Clicking the delete icon will erase the catalog from the dialog as well as from the directory location mentioned above

Adding items to a catalog

There are several ways to add items to the catalog. Start by selecting the processing block, custom block or group of blocks you want to add to the catalog and then:

  • Click on the Item from selection icon on the processing library dialog
  • Right click and then select copy. Move your mouse to the items area on the catalog, right-click and select paste
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy (or right-click and then select copy). Then click on the paste from clipboard icon on th processing library dialog
  • Press and hold the Ctrl key and then drag the block(s) from the layout to the items section of the catalog

Once added, you can modify the icon by clicking on the change image icon

Using items from the catalog

Using items from the catalog is as easy. You can either

  • Select the item and drag it into your design
  • Select the item, copy and then paste
  • Select the item and then click on the item to clipboard icon. then you can paste on your design

Sharing catalogs

Besides saving the catalogs to your computer, the processing library allows you to share catalogs with other users. This is done by exporting and importing. Both processes are very intuitive

Note: You can use export to make a copy of a catalog. The delete function of the processing library doesn't delete exported files

Exporting a catalog

  • Select the catalog to be exported
  • Click the export icon on the processing library dialog
  • Save the catalog file (.tlf)

Importing a catalog

  • Open the processing library
  • Click the import icon
  • Locate the catalog to import in your files
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