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Launch Noise Reduction settings

When working with the Noise Reduction settings in the Launch Web GUI, it may not be immediately obvious which Noise Reduction is being applied.

Standard Tesira / SCX Noise Reduction 

If the "AI Noise Reduction" toggle is in the Off position, Standard Tesira or SCX Noise Reduction is active.

Launch E-NRD Disabled.png

AI Noise Reduction algorithm

If the "AI Noise Reduction" toggle on the right side of the Room Controls is in the On position, the system is using the Enhanced Noise Reduction algorithm.

Launch E-NRD Enabled.png

Disabled Noise Reduction

Launch Noise Reduction is completely disabled when the "AI Noise Reduction" and "Bypass AI Noise Reduction" toggles are both in the On position. This is for demo purposes, so the bypass will be disabled when navigating away from the page.

Launch NR Disabled.png

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