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How to use the TCM-XA only as an amplifier



This article explains how to utilize the Parlé TCM-XA amplifier without a microphone connected.  While this is not a common practice, a system may need to use a TCM-XA for ONLY its amplifier outputs and without any mic inputs. 


Tesira Software behavior without a microphone

Adding a Parlé TCM-XA to a configuration file creates an input block for the microphone and an output block for the amp. It can be configured for either 1 or 2 inputs but not zero. If a microphone is not connected physically to the TCM-XA mic input port, the Tesira software will throw a fault regarding a missing microphone. 


The amp output will still pass audio, but the DSP will report a fault in the system as it assumes there should be a microphone connected to the input.



Let the Tesira software "ignore" the TCM-XA Mic input block by disconnecting any signal lines to or from the TCM-XA Mic input block altogether.  The TCM-XA amp will still pass audio to the connected speaker(s), and the DSP will not report any faults.



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