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Tesira Field Reference Guide

A 14-page reference guide covering practical tips, tricks, and how-to descriptions of Tesira system operations.



Click to view a downloadable a PDF Copy: Tesira Field Reference Guide


Guide Overview

Topics in the guide

  • Connecting to a System: where and how
  • Navigating to Device Maintenance to find and select a specific system
  • Clearing a configuration
  • Changing network settings of Tesira server-class devices
  • Changing, enabling, disabling AVB IP addresses
  • Changing Dante IP addresses
  • Updating firmware 
  • Checking fault statuses in a Tesira system
  • Pulling logs from a Tesira system
  • Adjusting equipment tables
  • Compiling and sending a Tesira File
  • Allocating blocks to a specific unit
  • Starting and stopping system and partition audio
  • Setting the Tesira system master clock
  • Factory resetting Tesira DSPs, expanders, and amplifiers
  • FORTE X exclusive port modes
  • Tesira helpful hints for
    • Manual discovery
    • Using the signal path identifier
    • Preventing the compiler from adjusting the equipment table
    • Adding discontinued devices to the equipment table
    • Setting static IP addresses 
  • Tesira common faults and troubleshooting tips for
    • Fault: The port is not 802.1AS capable
    • Fault: Clocks not synchronized on...
    • Fault: Unable to communicate with card in slot 13 or 1
    • Fault: Inconsistent device




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