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Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP support in Biamp products:

What does Biamp support with respect to VoIP?
What kind of VoIP providers are we not able to provide post-sales support for?
If the VoIP system that I am trying to integrate with is not on the above list, does that mean that Tesira won't work?
If I can get the Tesira device to register in my office, does that mean it will work at the customer site?
How do we solve firewall and NAT traversal issues?
When should I verify functionality and interoperability of Tesira with the cloud-based VoIP system?
Who should I get involved to verify whether or not a Tesira product will work with the customer’s cloud-based system?
Where should this testing occur?
Does Biamp have a suggested process when integrating with cloud-based VoIP systems?
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