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Biamp offers several products that integrate with Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone systems. All of Biamp's VoIP products adhere to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, therefore our VoIP products can generally be integrated with other products that also use SIP. However, since some products use SIP somewhat differently than others, Biamp has elected to obtain certifications and/or perform in-house testing of our products with some of the more popular VoIP systems on the market1.

  • The Biamp products with VoIP capabilities are:

  • The VoIP manufacturers with whom Biamp has internally tested and/or obtained certifications are:

Product matrix

Technical articles are available on this site to assist with the integration of all tested/certified combinations of Biamp products and VoIP manufacturer partners.  Use the product matrix below to find the appropriate article. Articles are written in 2 sections for 2 unique audiences: the VoIP administrator and the AV integrator. The first section covers creating the user account on the VoIP system, the second section covers configuring the VoIP endpoint.

Combinations that are highlighted in blue indicate that certification has been obtained from the manufacturer for that product combination.  All unhighlighted combinations have undergone in-house testing at Biamp, unless otherwise noted.

Version numbers specified are the latest versions that have been tested or certified with the latest Biamp firmware.  In general, earlier versions of those products should also be compatible.

Biamp does not currently offer support for cloud-based VoIP solutions. While installations with cloud-based VoIP systems may work, integration of a vendor specific ATA (analog telephone adapter) and Biamp analog phone hardware (TesiraFORTÉ TI, Tesira Server-IO with STC-2, Audia Flex with TI-2, or Nexia TC) guarantees interoperability. Note that the use of an ATA and analog line is a good failsafe option for any VoIP vendor who Biamp has not tested and certified against.

VoIP System Vendor Select a link below to jump to vendor-specific instructions.
ShoreTel Director 14.2 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) Vocia MS-1 Vocia VoIP-1
Mitel ICP 3300 7.2 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) Vocia MS-1 Vocia VoIP-1
Microsoft Lync / Skype for Business (not supported) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) (not tested) (not supported)
Cisco CallManager 11.5 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) Vocia MS-1 Vocia VoIP-1
(compatible thru CUCM 10.5)
Avaya Session Manager 7.1 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) Vocia MS-1
(compatible thru Avaya SM 7.0)
Vocia VoIP-1
(compatible thru Avaya SM 7.0)
Avaya SIP Enablement Services 5.2.1 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) (not tested) Vocia VoIP-1
Avaya IP Office 10.0 Audia (VoIP-2) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) Vocia MS-1 Vocia VoIP-1
Avaya CS1000 7.6 (not tested) Tesira (SVC-2 & FORTÉ) (not tested) Vocia VoIP-1

Settings checklists

Provide the appropriate pdf form below to the VoIP administrator to record the settings needed to successfully deploy the Biamp VoIP hardware. The administrator for the VoIP system must assist in gathering all of the information needed. 

The VoIP admin should use the appropriate VoIP configuration guide from the matrix (above) to create or provision the user account(s) for the Biamp VoIP hardware to register to. They then fill out the settings checklist pdf and give it back to the integrator. The integrator will then reference both the VoIP configuration guide and completed settings checklist pdf to configure the Biamp VoIP hardware.

Note that for the SIP username valid characters are letters (a-z, A-Z), digits (0-9), comma (,), and dash (-). The dash cannot be either the first or the last character. We also support a leading plus (+) for E.164 number format SIP user names.

Further reading

1. Manufacturer specifications can change without notice. Biamp Systems strives to keep this list up to date, but is not always made aware of changes made by third parties to the VoIP products referenced, and therefore Biamp Systems cannot guarantee compatibility with any of the products listed on this page.

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