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VoIP-2 status messages

This article describes the different status messages that can appear on a VoIP-2 Console block.  These status messages appear if there is a problem during the VoIP registration process.  Once a VoIP-2 card has successfully registered, no status message will be displayed.  The screenshot below shows the location of the status messages in the VoIP Console block.


Status messages

Below is a list of status messages that can be displayed on a VoIP console block, along with a description of what the problem might be.

Not Connected
Audia software is not connected live to the Audia device.
Network is Down
A valid, physical Ethernet connection has not been sensed on the VoIP-2 card's Ethernet port.
Network is Up
A valid, physical Ethernet connection has been sensed on the VoIP-2 card's Ethernet port, however communication with the proxy server has not been established.  This can be caused by an invalid VLAN setting in the VoIP console, incompatible IP address assigned to the VoIP-2 card, or other general network problems.
DHCP In Progress
The VoIP-2 card has been set to obtain an IP address automatically via DHCP, and is currently requesting an address from the DHCP server.
Local Address Not Configured
Indicates a problem with the information provided on the Protocol page of the Advanced VoIP Settings.  If the Subscriber Number, Proxy Username, Proxy Password, or Proxy Server Address is left blank, this message will appear.
This message will be shown if the VoIP card is attempting to register but is not receiving a valid response from the proxy server. It implies the VoIP-2 card has established contact with the proxy server and is currently trying to register, even if it has not established a connection. If this status message doesn't go away, then a problem has occurred within the proxy registration process (e.g., username or password doesn't match).
Proxy Is Not Configured
All attempts to locate and establish communication with a valid proxy server have been exhausted.
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