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Pin Code access

In some Vocia systems, it is desirable to password-protect a paging station to prevent pages from unauthorized users.  This article explains how to use Pin Groups to require a Pin Code to access paging functions. Pin Groups can be assigned to the following Vocia devices:

  • DS-4
  • DS-10
  • WS-4
  • WS-10
  • EWS-4
  • EWS-10
  • MS-1 VoIP interface


  1. Pin Groups are specified at the Vocia Universe level.
  2. One or more Pin Groups can be allocated to a paging station or MS-1 VoIP Extension.
  3. When a paging station is unlocked with any Pin Group, the user will have access to all Page Codes assigned to that station.
  4. The same Pin Group can be assigned to one or more Paging Stations or MS-1 VoiP interfaces.

Create Pin Group

The first step in assigning Pin Codes is to create all of the Pin Groups that are required for the Vocia universe.

  • Go to universe settings:


  • Go to Pin Groups and add a New group:

universe pin group.jpg

  • Add the Name, Description and the numerical Pin Code:

Pin Group.jpg

  • OK and Save to close the universe dialog.

Assign Pin Group to Paging Station

If the Pin Codes will be used for unlocking paging stations, follow the steps below:

  • Open any paging station.
  • In the General section, you will see the available Pin Codes.
  • Enable one or more Pin Codes per paging station.

paging station pin.jpg

  • It is possible to have more than one paging station use the same Pin code.
  • It is possible to have more than one pin code assigned to one paging station.

Assign to MS-1 VoIP Interface

If the Pin Codes will be used to authenticate VoIP phone pages, follow the steps below:

  • Confirm the MS-1 VoIP functions are enabled:

ms-1 enable voIP.jpg

  • Go to the VoIP Extensions dialog. Create one or more VoIP Extension that utilizes Pin Access :

Pin access.jpg

  • Go to the VoIP Options dialog. The available Pin Groups will be displayed:

ms-1 pin group.jpg

  • Enable one or more Pin Codes.
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