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Selecting a background source for a zone

We might expect that, once a Vocia system is configured and loaded into the different units, our program source will start playing through the loudspeakers. However, that is not the case, even if there is only a single program source. In Vocia, the default state for a zone is to have no program source selected, and to have the BGM volume set to minimum. This article explains how to select and play a source in a zone.

Playing a source in a zone

  • Connect to the system
  • Open the World Properties by double clicking on the world
  • Click on the Audio & Live Control tab
  • Where it says “Current Zone”, select the Zone you want to control from the drop down menu
  • Under “Current Background”, select the source you want to play to highlight it
  • Adjust the BGM level for the zone. 

Vocia select source.GIF

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