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Selecting a background source for a zone

We might expect that, once a Vocia system is configured and loaded into the different units, our program source will start playing through the loudspeakers. However, that is not the case, even if there is only a single program source. In Vocia, the default state for a zone is to have no program source selected, and to have the BGM volume set to minimum. This article explains how to select and play a source in a zone.

Playing a source in a zone

  • Connect to the system
  • Open the World Properties by double clicking on the world
  • Click on the Audio & Live Control tab
  • Where it says “Current Zone”, select the Zone you want to control from the drop down menu
  • Under “Current Background”, select the source you want to play to highlight it
  • Adjust the BGM level for the zone. 

Vocia select source.GIF

If a non-Vocia CobraNet device has been added as Background Channels source in one or more Zones, ensure at least one Transmitter Assignment has been added and enabled with the type "CobraNet Background Input" under Tools > Non-Vocia CobraNet Devices.

Failure to assign a transmitter will result in a failed validation with the warning "At least one CobraNet Background Input is not assigned to non-Vocia CobraNet device." which may be interpreted as saying "At least one CobraNet Background Input must be assigned to non-Vocia CobraNet device."

Vocia CobraNet Inputs.PNG     Vocia BGM CobraNet Background Channels.PNG     Non-Vocia CobraNet Devices.PNG

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