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Vocia FAQ


What are the Vocia requirements for network infrastructure?
What audio transport protocol is used in Vocia?
What kind network bandwidth does Vocia require?
Is there just one Ethernet cable connected per device?
Can I connect Biamp Audia® products to a Vocia network?
Does each device require an IP address?
Does the system require its own network?
Does Biamp recommend Ethernet switches?

Equipment and Features

Can page codes be entered with a single button-press?
Does Vocia allow third-party control?
What happens to a recorded message that gets interrupted by a higher priority message?
Does each device have equalization and other processing?
Can you run out of processing?
How does the system handle message stacking and message repeating?
Can an interrupted message be resumed?
Does Vocia support real-time paging between worlds?
Does Vocia support message assembly?
How does one configure the VA-8600 amplifier channels, and is there a way to do 7:1 failover?
Can Vocia be retrofitted to existing speakers and amps?
Are there analog telephone inputs?
Does the ANC remove program material from the total when calculating ambient conditions?
What are the limitations of audio quality, bit depth, and sample rate?
How does Vocia interface with digital signage?

Logging, Monitoring, and Redundancy

How does Vocia monitor speaker lines?
Will there be a sniffer (test signal) in the system?
How has logging been implemented? What format(s) is the data available in?
Will we have network redundancy?
What is the purpose of the dual microphone element in the paging stations?
What type of microphone is required for the ANC functionality? Can we use just any microphone?

Standards and Evacuation: Europe

What European voice evacuation norms does Vocia comply with?
What Vocia components are considered Voice Alarm Control and Indicating Equipment (VACIE)?
How does Vocia connect to a fire panel so it can act as a Voice Evacuation system?
How many emergency zones can I connect to Vocia? How many emergency messages per zone?
How does Vocia visually indicate emergency conditions and trigger external emergency signals?
Do we have to use an LSI-16 any time there is a fire alarm connected?
Do all devices use PoE? Is that standards compliant?
Are there any other devices other than the Life Safety Device that require dual power supplies?

Standards and Evacuation: United States

Are all products UL approved? What about CUL for Canada?
Is Vocia certified to UL 864 or UL 2572?
Do all products also have approvals outside the US?

System Limits

What is the number of available preambles?
How many messages can be stored in the system?
How many input/output devices does Vocia support?

Vocia Text-To-Speech Server (TTS-1)

How is a TTS page initiated?
What does the web client look like?
Other than the TTS-1 web client, is there another way to initiate a TTS page?
What languages does the Vocia Text-to-Speech Server support?
How many users can access the TTS-1 web client concurrently?
Do I need to purchase separate TTS licenses for each world in my Vocia Universe?
What are the Text-to-Speech Annual Maintenance & Service Fees?
How is the annual license applied to the Vocia system?
Can I send TTS pages across the universe from a single centrally located TTS-1 server?

Vocia Release 1.7 FAQ

What are some of the major software enhancements in Vocia 1.7?
What are the new hardware additions to the platform in Vocia 1.7?
How is a PLD different from an ELD?
Can we have a mix of PLD and ELD in a Vocia system?
Does the MS-1e offer any improvements over the MS-1?
How many Vocia Worlds can we Live Page into now?
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