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Vocia Software & Firmware

The latest versions of Vocia software and firmware can be downloaded from this page. It is recommended that both software and firmware are installed on your host PC. 

  • If your system includes a TTS-1, TTS-1nc, TTS-1e or TTS-1nce your voice fonts will need to be reloaded following a firmware update.
  • The system file and any custom .wav files on the MS-1 or MS-1e should be backed up prior to firmware updates. They will be cleared by the firmware update. They will need to be pushed to the device again following the update.
  • Prior to performing a firmware update it is strongly recommended that you extract the system configuration using the corresponding software release as shown in our article Extracting a configuration from a Vocia system.


Please note that Vocia firmware packages are executable files which must be installed on your host PC for Vocia software to recognize and update the firmware version database. 

Release notes

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